Andrew Hollis

Software developer, Web Development, Music Technology




Example Projects

Github Examples on using Web MIDI API to control hardware devices from a browser application

Collaboration with artist Josie

Original Music

About Me

Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, ASP DotNet framework, Web MIDI API,Web Audio API, Java

Server Technology: MS Server 2008 + Active Directory.

Linux: Servers, desktop and Interfacing with MIDI, SCSI and windows platform. Ubuntu and media specific distros with real time kernels.

Network Design and Maintenance: Basic Cisco certification.

Basic Android Development Experiments using androids MIDI and OSC capabilities to link into studio equipment.

Software interface with hardware: MIDI, JavaScript, SCSI, OSC, Max4Live, Android and C#.

OSC: (Open Sound Control) Network protocol for music technologies.

Max4Live: Allows custom control for Ableton Live (Digital Audio Workstation).

Electronics: Repair of compression system for satellite TV broadcasting.SMD. DIY hardware interfaces to control music software and gaming

Writing and Producing music remotely Have worked with several singer/songwriters.

Home Music Studio contains many different pieces of hardware and software linked together in a custom design.

Personal Skills: After learning to deal with actors and musicians, I am able to deal with normal people very well.

Flexible: When a directors ask you for fifteen puppets or an animatronic owl, you need to be able to deliver.